As Emza, our initial and fundamental approach is to create opportunities and chances for education for improving the success and efficiency of our colleagues currently employed within our structure and want to join us in their tasks while shaping their future according to their expectations, taking into account their dynamic and creative characteristics as equipped with up-to-date, contemporary knowledge.

Pursuant to people-oriented management approach, our company guides the career plans of the employees taking into account the mental abilities, the personality traits, self- development levels, and their willingness to progress in their jobs and rise to higher tiers, together with the training we deliver to our employees. This ensures job satisfaction and loyalty of our employees to the company and intra-company mobility. We make significant contribution towards motivation of the individual by creating opportunities to determine and develop the long-term goals of our companies through career management practices undertaken through an understanding of impartiality and equal opportunity, and by meeting the self-realization needs of the employees. We strongly believe in the need to build the intellectual and creative capacity required by the company to maintain its operations by investing in the career objectives of our employees.

“Dünyada yeteneksiz insan yoktur. Sadece iyi eğitilmemiş ve iyi yönlendirilmemiş insanlar vardır.”
Angle Peartri